INGREDIENTS poached-gigha-halibut-with-smoked-almond-pesto-and-attilus-caviar-butter-sauce

Recipe serves 1
For the Poached Gigha halibut:
Portion of Gigha halibut 100-120g
Simply butter that is browned in the pan 250ml / 8fl oz
For the Smoked almond Pesto:
Breadcrums 20g
Parmesan cheese 20g
Spinach blanched 100g
Smoked almonds 75g
Rapeseed oil 150ml
For the Attilus Caviar Butter sauce:
White wine 200ml
White wine vinegar 100ml
Bay leaf 1
Black peppercorns 3g
Caviar 30g
Diced cold unsalted butter 200g

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